Digital Signature

Digital signature technology offers a host of workflow and financial benefits that any company – large or small – can take advantage of. With ContractClub, draft or upload a digital contract and have it send to a client without ever having to print or scan. Contract management has never been easier.

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Contract Template Library

Upload your own contracts as templates for re-use to save you time to speed up time to send out a contract by 75%. We are constantly uploading high quality contracts that are useful for most businesses and can be used in any English-speaking jurisdiction.

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Powerful Draft Editor

Our editing tool offers a wide array of input tools. Unlike other platforms, with ContractClub you can continue to edit a contract template after you’ve uploaded it onto our platform. We know how important professional formatting is for your clients, and that you don’t want to spend hours tinkering with line breaks. We’ve ensured that our upload tool will preserve all of your document’s formatting.

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Audit Trail 

Audit trails are a unique mechanism that record all the activity around a contract from creation to signature. As your contract involves more people taking more actions with your contract, your audit trail will grow larger. Audit trails let you review the lifecycle of each contract for compliance, reporting or litigation.

Automated Notifications and Status Updates 

Ever wondered if someones has taken a look at the contract you sent them? With ContractClub, you are notified when recipients view and sign your contracts. The status of your contracts is recorded in your My Documents tab so you can easily see what stage all your contract are at.

Automated Reminders 

ContractClub automatically sends reminders to any recipients who have not viewed your contract to review the document you sent them. Reminders go out every 48 hours. You can also manually remind recipients to view a document you’ve sent them via the “Poke” button.

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