Everything You Need to Know, Fast

Who writes your contracts?

All of our contract templates are written by experienced lawyers from established law firms across Canada and the United States.

Are they legally-binding?

Yes. Digital signatures have been a legitimate form of authorized consent for nearly 20 years, while the contracts we offer are valid across all jurisdictions. As long as you and your client understand the language of the contract and mutually agree to it, it is legally binding.

How does the e-signature process work?

Once you finish filling out the fields of your contract template and specify the recipients, our system will do the rest. Your clients will receive an email prompting them to sign the document, which will then be sent back to you and stored in your account once signed. Both you and your client will automatically receive a copy by email for your records.

Does my client have to set up an account with ContractClub in order to sign the contract?

No. If they so choose, they can join ContractClub at a later date, and automatically be given a record of all transactions they’ve been a party of.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We do not share your data with anyone without your consent. ContractClub is encrypted with 256-bit bank grade security protocols, and all your information is sharded and backed up on redundant servers. Our servers are based in Canada.

What if I don’t like some of the clauses on a template and want to edit them. Can I do that?

Yes. You can edit clauses, add new ones, and delete others you don’t like. You can even upload your own contract template if you have one already. You’ll always be able go back and reuse edited and custom templates on your account, while the original templates will still be available to you.

Can I edit other parts of the contract besides the clauses?

Yes. Our system offers a wide variety of editing functionality. Add ons like photos, videos, hyperlinks, and social media follows can be added to customize your contract.

I don’t understand what some of the clauses on my contract mean but am wary of removing them. What can I do?

Legalese can be intimidating – we know. All of our contract templates come with our Simple Terms guide, which breaks them down clause by clause, explaining the use of each one to you.

Can I cancel a signature request after I’ve sent it out?

Yes. As long as the recipient hasn’t signed it, you can cancel the request and send a new one.

Can I CC coworkers on the e-signature request?


Can I track the status of a contract I’ve sent out?

Yes. You will always know the status of your contract once you’ve sent it out. Once it’s signed, you’ll be notified by our system and the completed copy will be stored in your account in addition to being emailed to you and your client.

Is there a limit to how many times I can send a contract if I’m not a paid subscriber?

No. Unlike other e-signature services, you can draft and send out as many our of contracts as you like. There is no limit and no fee attached.

Can I go back a get a record of all the contracts I’ve sent out?

Yes. In addition to completed contracts being emailed to you once your client signs them, we will also keep an archive of all past transactions you’ve been a part of.

All of this is for free. Is there also a paid subscription?

In the future we will offer a paid subscription model with expanded features. We’ll keep you updated.