Our Editor

Import Your Own Documents

We know that you may already have a series of contracts you’re used to using, and just need a way of importing them. With our editor, as long as you can select the data within your a document on your computer, you can drop it into our system.

All of your text and line formatting from your original document will be imported without being changed, making the transfer process quick and easy. You won’t have to worry about spending time re-formatting. If you need to keep editing the template after you’ve imported it, you can use an array of configuration options to do just that.

Once you’re happy with the contents of your contract, all you’ll need to do before sending it is insert your signature and enter the contact information of your recipient. Our system will automatically insert your name and the name of your recipient below the signature fields, making the process quick and easy.

Customize Templates from our Library

If you import a template from our user library, you will only need to fill in a few necessary fields before sending it off to your client. Each of our templates will give instructions on what to fill out, simplifying the process.

You’ll still have full editing capabilities on our templates in the editor, so you can take advantage of our high quality templates while still customizing your contract to suit the needs of our client. You’ll even be able to add a customized ContractClub template to your personal library once you’re finished.


Draft Contracts from Scratch

If you’re interested in writing a new contract directly on our platform, you can do that too. Any formatting feature you might need to write a draft will be available to you in app. Insert text boxes, tables, images, hyperlinks, and signature fields quickly and easy. Customize your contract with whatever might help you close the deal, and add extra branding for your company.